Dig Kit

A holistic guide to designing school garden programs.

School gardens are an untapped learning opportunity

The ongoing poor eating habits of children sheds light on a modern disconnect between food, the environment that it comes from, and the industrial processes that deliver it to our plates. That's where school gardens come in!

When designed well, school gardens can be an outdoor classroom that links to all aspects of curriculum. Not only do they have a direct correlation with healthier eating habits and eco-literacy, but they are also spaces to learn about local geographical history and culture, whilst fostering relationships, helping kids be more physically active whilst overcoming alienation.

Yet despite their benefits, schools often have a hard time getting garden programs off the ground, and running them sustainably has even greater challenges. Dig Kit brings together an easy to follow guide to designing a school garden, based on 12 carefully researched principles.

12 Principles

There are a number of reasons that cause school gardens to fail, and they generally fall into the categories of facilitation, student engagement, and garden design. These 12 principles will equip those wanting to set up a school garden of their own with the tools to overcome these barriers.

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Co-Design Cards

School gardens are not designed in a vacuum. These downloadable co-design card sets invite the collective input of the whole school community so that everyones needs and ideas are met in the design process.

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