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Planning and setting up an
outdoor learning garden
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Your school has decided that it wants to create a school garden... First thing's first, where should it go? A school garden can be surprisingly diverse and complex, and you will need to observe it's environment to discern where a garden will best fit. This important first step will ensure that your garden design is tailored specifically for your school's unique environment.
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Think carefully about the plot within your school where you will start to build a garden, and think about having it front and centre. Positioning your garden in a space where students and staff are walking past frequently and being exposed to the garden will mean that it is paid more attention, and valued as part of the school grounds, and community. To avoid the garden being forgotten about and going unmonitored, you want to make sure that its placement is somewhere that will enable it to be monitored and cared for.
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Sense of Place

For a school garden program to be valued and enduring, it is important that its caretakers cultivate a strong connection to it, and deeply value it. Through viewing the outdoor learning environment like this, the seed is planted for enriching learning experiences where students can develop a sense of place and purpose within the garden, and nature itself. This sense of place is also developed through co-creation, where the school community has a say in the design, which creates a sense of ownership over the garden.

The Living Classroom

Check out the team at The Living Classroom turn an unused concrete tennis court into a green school garden paradise!


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