Principle 4

Reduce, Reuse

...Recycle! All waste products can be repurposed with creativity.
Think about

Repurposing Waste

There is no such thing as “waste", there are only resources to be recycled. Instead of adding to earth’s over abundance of waste products and pollution, think of how you can repurpose the waste that comes from the garden. Reconsidering waste as opportunity and resource is important, and brings together the traditional value of frugality and care for material good, something that is too often lost in fast paced modern life. This principle also relates to taking care of the things that exist in the school, instead of using money to unnecessarily buy new things.

Need a helping hand?

Compost and the worms that dwell within them break down food waste repurposes it into fertile soil to use in the garden.
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Don't throw recyclable plastic out and add to landfill! Use old plastic containers as craft materials or pot.
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Many think of weeds as an annoying pest, but not only can weeds be composted, but they are often also edible.
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