Principle 10


Be resourceful and creative to
overcome budget restraints.
think about

Being Resourceful

Think of already existing processes and resources, and consider how you can make use of them. Designing a well functioning school garden is largely about resourcefulness. Budgets are often limited in the development of school gardens, so think outside the box about how you can build funding for your schools garden.
Funding a School Garden Program

Funding Avenues

There are a plethora of funding and grants that your school can apply for. Seek donations of materials from local businesses to help with the costs of soil, mulch or timber.
UNSW Eco-School Grants

Public Awareness

Social media is a great way to connect your garden to the wider community. Not only will the public be encouraged to donate and help out, but sharing your garden publicly may also encourage sponsors and partnerships where businesses can be recognised.
I different way to think about garden usage is inviting in the community, where the garden can be used for out of hours workshops. This is a great way for schools to generate an income from their garden
Fundraising Ideas

Funding Model

Here is an existing school garden financial model that is financially and programmatically sustainable to use as an example.
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