Your Guide to using Dig Kit

Step 1

Welcome! You're interested in school gardens, and we hope that you are ready to start planning one.

After looking through this site and what it has to offer, you might be wondering, where do I start? Start looking through our 12 design principles to designing a school garden. Whilst some of these may seem like less of a challenge than others, they all need to be considered in your garden plan.

Step 2

Now that you have a rough idea of how to proceed with your garden design, it is best to consider using our Co-Design cards at a relativley early stage of your garden design journey.

We have a card set to be used with teachers and other school staff, and a card set to be used with students - pick one, or use both! You'll need to get crafty and print them out, but after that is done, follow the acticities on each of the cards to stimulate conversations in the classroom.

Step 3

Well of your way to designing an amazing school garden after looking at our principles and co-design cards, it may be time to look at our Community Map.

Here, you can become inspired by the vastitude of inspiring school gardens happening in your local area, and around the world. From saving local crops, to creating a safe haven for kids with learning disabilities, the possibilities are endless!